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Bathroom Trailer Rental


Bathroom Trailer Rental

Did you know bathroom trailers were designed for VIP events and construction job sites where people and workers would spend long hours outside? These are an upgrade from your standard porta potties and these portable bathroom trailers are equipped with sinks that have running cold and hot water, flushable toilets, air conditioning and heating and some even have showering capabilities. If you are looking for an outside bathroom solution for your next event or long term construction challenge, then let Cincinnati Porta Potty Rental provide the solution you’re looking for.

When Do You Need To Rent a Restroom Trailer?

Lots of events that are held outside require the need for restroom trailers. These can include, but are not limited to, wedding receptions, sporting events, fairs or carnivals, outdoor parties, concerts, black tie events or VIP events where you’d like to offer your attendees the aneminities of running water, heat, air conditioning and flushable toilets. Project Managers for construction sites also rely on the advantage of restroom trailer rentals to keep their workers sanitized and germ free during the work day. Our bathroom trailers are also available for disaster relief operations and may be required after flooding or heavy storms that leave residents without indoor plumbing.

Portable Restroom Trailer Types

Portable toilet trailers are available in many styles, amenity options, costs and sizes. These are much more luxurious than your standard portable toilet and you may expect a more spacious and cleaner bathroom. Many portable bathroom trailers come standard with a men’s bathroom and a women’s bathroom and may also come with a family or handicap accessible bathroom depending on the model that you rent from Cincinnati Porta Potty Rental. Most require both electrical and plumbing hook ups, by either a generator or an outside electrical outlet, and for the water by simply connecting to a garden hose or fire hydrant. Some portable bathroom trailers, available for rent, will also include an external generator and temporary water supply if you choose to include that with your rental.

Portable Bathroom Trailer Capacity

Our standard bathroom trailer can accommodate as few as one stall for both men and women, to as many as a dozen stalls for each gender. Restrooms are specified for both genders as well as some family bathrooms or handicap accessible bathrooms and unisex offerings. The women’s bathroom segment typically has enclosed restroom stalls and the men’s compartment will offer urinals and at least one stall that is enclosed. There are available sinks with running water, heating and air conditioning, lighting, stereos which can play CD’s, DVD’s, or mp3’s, flushable toilets and sometimes the available to shower and bathe.

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